bioThERS helps you to control the fire load

Often it is useful to have a LED indicator that tells you the instantaenous thermal power that the stove is delivering. This gives to the user a better control of the heating system. ( Blue: [...]

A new era of biomass heating systems starts here

A new era of biomass heating systems starts here. Check bioThERS technology.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM8D183Ekik

Power fans and other electric devices using fire

bioThERS is capable to power fans and other electric devices just taking the energy from fire. Make your biomass heating systems off-grid. bioThERS puede alimentar los ventiladors y otros dispositivos eléctricos solamente con la energía [...]

bioThERS: HEAT & POWER at the same time!

bioThERS converts your stove/fireplace into a cogeneration system: HEAT & POWER at the same time! Check our patented technology bioThERS - Electricity generation from fire

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