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    NABLA Thermoelectrics

    5 reasons why thermoelectric effect is still fascinating us after almost 200 years of its discovery: It generates electricity directly from heat! It is absolutely silent! It contains no moving parts! It has a long life expectancy! It is a reliable source of energy!

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    NABLA Thermoelectrics

    100% renewable electricity! bioThERS generates electricity directly from fire. This innovative equipment allow any biomass stove to operate fully autonomous and sustainable, uising only the energy obtained from combustion to operate.

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    NABLA Thermoelectrics

    Ha despertado mucho interés la nueva estufa autosuficiente de Industrias Salgueda presentada esta semana en ExpoBiomasa. Equipada con el generador bioThERS no necesita conexión a la red eléctrica para alimentar las turbinas de convección forzada y los indicadores LED del panel delantero. El calor es electricidad!

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World leaders in thermoelectric heat recovery and sustainable energy technology, development and consulting.

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