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Discover our renewed website!

Nabla team is excited to announce the launch of our updated website www.nablatherm.com. The new site has a fresh new look and was designed with your needs in mind.

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Going Off the Grid – Making Your Home Self-Sufficient

A Zero Energy Home (ZEH) – an energy self sufficient home – is an idea whose time has come! Generating some of your own electricity is a great way to reduce your reliance on power supplied from the National Grid, cutting down your bill and reducing the need for electricity to be generated commercially at the [...]

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bioThERS can also be seen as a heat flux meter for stoves!

  bioThERS produce a voltage with temperature.  This generated voltage is a function of heat flux that flows through the thermoelectric generator, which can be calibrated with the heat produced by the fire. With this information, the user knows at every moment the heat power generated by the stove and permit him to [...]

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¡Hoy es día de pruebas!

¡Hoy es día de pruebas! Poniendo a punto un insertable de Industrias Salgueda. Turbinas e indicador de carga LED funcionando sin conexión a la red eléctrica. Lo último en tecnología. #R&D #offgrid #microCHP #biothers #ideasmakingpoint

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Fuel your innovation with us

Successful companies invest in R&D. They grow by developing new products. It's hard for a company to remain competitive if it does not stay ahead of the technology curve. At Nabla what counts more than anything else is Research and Development. The results are outstanding. #offgrid #CHP #USBcharger #FireloadINDICATOR (Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and [...]

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Que frío hace, ¿no?

Que frío hace, ¿no? Por suerte nos calentamos con la primera estufa que genera su propia electricidad. ¡Sin cables! Cosas que hacemos @nablatherm y @salgueda. #ideasmakingpoint @EnginyersFund @IngenierosFund #offgrid #chimeneas #biomasa

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100% renewable electricity!

100% renewable electricity! bioThERS generates electricity directly from fire. This innovative equipment allow any biomass stove to operate fully autonomous and sustainable, uising only the energy obtained from combustion to operate.  

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bioThERS helps you to control the fire load

Often it is useful to have a LED indicator that tells you the instantaenous thermal power that the stove is delivering. This gives to the user a better control of the heating system. ( Blue: warming mode. Orange: optimum biomass load. Red: don't add more fuel. ) bioThERS gives you this information and more! A [...]

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A new era of biomass heating systems starts here

A new era of biomass heating systems starts here. Check bioThERS technology.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM8D183Ekik

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Power fans and other electric devices using fire

bioThERS is capable to power fans and other electric devices just taking the energy from fire. Make your biomass heating systems off-grid. bioThERS puede alimentar los ventiladors y otros dispositivos eléctricos solamente con la energía del fuego. Haga sus inserts o estufas totalmente independientes de la red eléctrica.

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