Backed by years of experience, the experts at NABLA know the road that your design must travel from concept to market.
With our engineering design services, you get a complete design cycle that covers conceptual design, detailed design, and engineering design support all the way through prototype development. NABLA also provides independent design assessment and third-party reviews. You gain high-level insights on materials selection, engineering drawings, fabrication, simulation, and testing. Our focus is on minimizing manufacturing costs while ensuring that your product meets regulatory and performance requirements. Our engineers have the tools, training, partnerships, and professional certifications to see your idea through.

Prototype manufacturing

Employing proven prototyping technologies and processes, we can take your concept or design and bring it to life in a few weeks. With access to a wide range of suppliers, we have an efficient, fast and effective solution that’s right for you, whether it’s a prototype to test its fit and function or as a starting point for our downstream processes.
By working closely with clients from a wide range of industry backgrounds we have developed a range of products that truly support our client’s needs.


We test thermal and electrical systems in all types of environments and load conditions. We also count with third-party testing laboratories that support our processes. We know that test results are only as reliable as the testing equipment, so we use highly sensitive instrumentation and advanced technology to accurately measure, capture, process, and interpret your test data.


NABLA engineers have the skills, expertise, and tools necessary to analyze and solve intricate and complex problems in biomass, combustion, fluid, and automotive systems. Our multidisciplinary approach integrates a cross-functional team of engineers with your team, so every facet of the product or system is analyzed in detail. Our engineering analysis services focus on cost-effective solutions that avoid compromises in quality or accuracy. Our advanced analysis methods can ensure that your system meets or exceeds safety and regulatory requirements.